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The Leisure Mobility Group Company Profile

The Leisure Mobility Group Company Profile

The automotive industry is evolving, and we at Leisure Mobility Group are evolving with it. We aim to use our sustainable, integrated e-platforms to cater to each and every one of Africa’s mobility needs. We approach every brand with unbridled excitement and determination and we value our clients’ time as highly as our own. Our team has well-established relationships with important stakeholders in the industry and we often rely on the advice of renowned motor industry experts.

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality, expert advice and services. Our innovative team of professionals constantly finds new and improved ways to revolutionise the vehicle and transportation industry. Our extensive array of services is presented over multiple platforms and includes the following services:
• Digital 360° Communication
• Reputational Risk Management
• Brand Reputation and Design
• Events Design and Communication
• Audit Rating
• Wide Scope Monitoring
• Internet service provider
• DMSA – Association
• A.O.L

The Leisure Mobility Group consists of several different platforms and websites. Some of these are:

• Mobility-Online
• E-mobility Online
• Premium Mobility
• Premium Mobility247
• Value Vehicle
• Evolve Cars
• Mobility Vcards
• Cars 2 Sell
• The Vehicle Billboard
• Zambezi Cars
• Zambesi Motorrad
• Vehicle Sellers
• Trade Your Vehicle
• Secure Ride Share Club
• Premium Bike
• Urban Vehicle
• Menlyn Maine Motors
• Vehicle Max
• Mobility-Online CT
• Ride Electric
• Auto Traders Online
• Pre-Owned Vehicles
• Cars Online
• E-Vehicle Mobility
• SA Vehicle Traders
• Cafe Wheels

We also have various other third-party sites and landing pages.
These platforms are used to provide our clients with cutting-edge technology and support. Our holistic approach includes advice, design, technology, marketing and much more.

Our vision is to transform the automotive industry by accepting and embracing digital technology. We understand that we’re moving into a customer-centered business model and that customers are used to things happening at an incredibly fast pace. While the future of the continent’s mobility needs is at the helm of our vision, we strongly believe in developing and investing in our country’s youth. We want to challenge conventional values and ideals and we want to pave the way for industry transformation. We also want to become a Level 2 company within the next 24 months. We are NADA, ICASA and RMI certified.

All of our platforms are tailored to suit every individual’s unique automotive needs. We also have a dedicated team of designers, writers and industry experts at hand to ensure the quality of our services.

The E-Dealer Portal

Established in 2017, Mobility-Online is a 360° transactional platform for all your possible automotive needs. We provide everything from selling and buying vehicles, to 24-hour roadside assistance. We offer an all-encompassing experience to our customers.

The E-Dealer Portal works hand-in-hand with Mobility-Online (as well as all of our other unique vehicle listing sites) to create a network of registered dealerships. The E-Dealer Portal aims to revolutionise how dealerships do business. It’s a vast network of registered dealerships and reputable service providers who all have access to our professional advertising and marketing services.

Our members can choose to advertise their vehicles on over 25 different user-friendly websites that all have their own unique monthly visitors. Members can also easily manage, valuate, auction and load new stock – all from one single portal. Our dedicated design team creates eye-catching social media posts, designs engaging email campaigns and builds stunning websites. We offer services from lead analysis to stock, fleet and sales floor management.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and a vast amount of experience in the South African motor industry, we’re able to provide you with credible, trustworthy service from well-known superior suppliers with who we have formed valuable relationships over the years.

Digital Marketing – Silver Fox Digital Disrupt

Silver Fox Digital Disrupt is our Pretoria-based digital marketing agency that specializes in social media marketing, digital communication, and lead generation. Our qualified team is ready to provide clients with everything from search engine optimization and web development, to graphic design and product photography. It’s a small business with a close-knit team of writers, designers, and developers. We only take on projects if we know we can exceed expectations.

Our Marketing Plan

The E-Dealer Portal (and Mobility-Online) follows a six-step marketing plan to take you online.

Step 1: Promotions
Advertise your business’s promotions and combos on any four social media platforms. Discounts will be region specific specials or promotions.

Step 2: Direct to Site
We direct the viewers to the Facebook page and website through adverts, posts and promotions on social media. We then advertise your products and/or services.

Step 3: Call to Action
Various posts including email addresses and phone numbers are created to encourage the client to contact you.

Step 4: Collect Data
Client’s contact information is collected and stored for later use in advertising campaigns and promotions.

Step 5: Campaigns
Previously collected data is used to advertise promotions, new products, specials, and much more.

Step 6: Business Intelligence and AI
We incorporate machine learning into existing business intelligence systems to get more value from programmatic advertising.

We value transparency and quality above all else. We pride ourselves on our impeccable work ethic, as well as our efficient sales and marketing techniques. With the Leisure Mobility Group, you are guaranteed an effortless sales and marketing experience with the help of our professional staff members.

The Mobility Team

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