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Active Mobility

The phrase active mobility describes the form of transporting people and sometimes goods, that only makes use of the physical activity of the human being for the locomotion. The most popular forms of active mobility are walking or cycling, although other mobility means such as the skateboard, kick scooter or roller skates are also forms of active mobility.

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At Leisure Mobility Group, we focus on mobility needs. We have designed a diverse e-platform to cater for every single need identified in Africa’s transport sector. We’re a young, innovative company offering a refreshing and revolutionary approach to the vehicle and public transport market. Our holistic approach includes advice, design, technology, marketing and the chance to ensure your brand is top of mind when your identified target market makes a decision.

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Project-based leisure is a short-term creative undertaking carried out in free time. It is moderately complicated and infrequent, and can either happen as a once-off or occasional.

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