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The Future of the South African Motor Industry

The Future of the South African Motor Industry

The local motor industry and car buying behaviour of your customers are about to be evolve. Is your brand ready?

According to Karthi Pillay, the Africa Automotive Leader at Deloitte, dealer showrooms filled with stockpiled vehicles on display could become a thing of the past. “We foresee a move towards an omni-channel retail positioning where customers can interact through an integrated seamless shopping experience. They will be able to shop for a car, buy and take ownership of a vehicle regardless of how they interact with a dealership.”

Pillay’s comments relate to the release of Deloitte’s report entitled The Future of Auto Retailing: Preparing for the evolving mobility ecosystem. (https://www2.deloitte.com/insights/us/en/focus/future-of-mobility/automotive-retail-industry-mobility-ecosystems.html)

Digital natives are moving into the space where they are able to afford their own cars and expect an online experience just like they would with any other product. Their predecessors might have chosen to visit a showroom before, but lately they are also adapting to the world of non-traditional shopping. But online shopping isn’t what the motor industry is about to experience – it’s so much more than that.

In an article entitled The Future of Car Sales is Omnichannel (http://www.bain.com/publications/articles/the-future-of-car-sales-is-omnichannel.aspx) we get an insight into what customers are going to start expecting soon in the near future, if not already. “Car buyers increasingly follow omnichannel customer episodes: They research, select and buy cars in different ways than their non-digital predecessors, and increasingly they expect the same capabilities and service quality when shopping for cars as they experience in other aspects of their digital lives.”

So now that you know what to expect, what can you do to ensure your brand evolves with the industry and your customer, and stays on top of mind? The solution is E-Vehicle Mobility (PTY) Ltd – a revolutionary cross brand omni business that will take life as we know it to a whole new level.

E-Vehicle Mobility (PTY) Ltd is a revolutionary complete leisure mobility solution all managed conveniently from an app on your phone. We give brands and services across different sectors within the motor industry and other industries the opportunity to use our cross brand business model to their advantage.

Because we realise that a customer expects an all-encompassing experience, we’re able to offer them exactly that. Our 40 platforms focus on business intelligence and market behavior. We understand that we’re moving into a customer centred business model and that customers are used to things happening at a fast pace.

They also enjoy the convenience of a one-stop-shop at a time and place convenient to them, therefore we offer strategic partnerships with other offerings on the app like tyres, motorbike leisure gear, phones, drones, lifestyle day spa promotions, emergency services, car hire, the ability to buy airtime, data and electricity, and more.

We’ll assist with the design of your ads, as well as other unique elements like optimisation to improve your online presence and our bespoke 360ᵒ approach includes a custom designed advertising strategy to successfully and efficiently reach your target market. You can either choose to book a single page advertisement or the entire site – the length of time is up to you.

Don’t be left behind when the industry evolves, grab the opportunity to become part of South Africa’s first omni business complete mobility solution.

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